Meet A Cougar You Want

Surely you don’t want to meet any old cougar that will have you? You want to mingle with hot older women that you actually WANT to meet and get to know better. There are a lot of these ladies out there, perhaps even more than you ever would have imagined. The trick is to identify the one you want first, and then make advances and moves that will make her realize that she wants you just as badly.Shag A Granny

You can search through a variety of online platforms to locate cougars that will be more than happy to go on a date with you, and mature women that might prefer a longer yet still casual relationship. Depending on your own personal taste, and whether you want a casual fling or something more regular, you are sure to find a number of cougars to suit.

If you have found the perfect cougar that you would like to meet, step out of your comfort zone and make a move. If your communication is going to be online first, be a gentleman in your discussions with her. Let her know a bit about yourself, but more importantly, ask about what interests her. Any cougar should find this appealing because she will feel that you are someone who listens and this will make her more comfortable. Online cougar dating can be nerve wracking for both interested parties, so by making her comfortable when you first start communicating, you will have a better chance of meeting up with her in person.

When you are out and about in the pubs and clubs, you might see a woman that takes your fancy. Make sure you acknowledge her with a smile and friendly attitude. You will start to pick up little signs that will let you know if she is interested in you or not. As you continue, the signs between the both of you may become more obvious. This is a sign to get cozy and start a real conversation and get to know each other.

When you are sending off signals that you are interested and you don’t seem to be getting positive feedback, this is a definite sign to lay low. Try not to push anything further and just continue enjoying your night as you were before you spotted the cougar that took your eye. If she was a bit shy and unsure, she will notice this and may then decide to make a move on her own. Just relax! Especially if this is your first time cougar dating. If she is not interested, she won’t come forward and you will have the opportunity to scan the club and see if there is someone else you might like to meet.

Dating is always very hit and miss. If you are new to cougar dating, or the cougar herself has just started to date, then you definitely need to take things slowly. This can be a very exciting time for both of you when you finally get to meet and date your first cougar!